Who We Are

Healthy Sebasticook Valley (HealthySV) is designed to support and promote healthy lifestyles to reduce chronic disease and increase quality of life in the Sebasticook Valley Region, through policy and environmental change.

The HealthySV Coalition is the driving force behind the success and sustainability of programs and services offered by community partners that target the public health needs of the region. The purpose of the HealthySV Coalition is to develop and strengthen local capacity to deliver essential public health services across Sebasticook Valley.

HealthySV Coalition Vision: Creating healthy communities to optimize the health and quality of life for our citizens.

HealthySV Coalition Mission: To support, coordinate, and promote Public Health Services and Resources, to improve the quality of life in the Sebasticook Valley. Through a collaborative process, the coalition actively engages community partners and fosters community relationships to target, reduce and prevent youth substance use, substance abuse, tobacco, and chronic disease.